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Dolphins by Tsuneo Nakamura

Dolphins - Tsuneo Nakamura, Randall Wells
I'm starting up a collection of coffee table books and art books because sometimes when you're sad or when it's cold outside and you want to read something familiar while cuddled up in bed you don't want to read the printed word. You just want to look at cute or funny pictures and relax.

Dolphins was the most recent addition to my collection. The title is pretty self explanatory. It's about dolphins! No words, just pictures. Pictures of dolphins. Now, just so you know dolphins are pretty much my favorite animals ever so when I saw this for sale used for $1, I couldn't help myself. I got a wicked case of the grabby hands! (Grabby flippers?)

For what I paid ($1, people, seriously), this was a steal. The quality of the paper is really nice photopaper, glossy and expensive-smelling. The photos however were a bit of a disappointment. Most of the pictures aren't all that close-up. The dolphins are usually in murky water and there isn't a whole lot of detail. After a while, all the pictures start to blend together, or, as my sister said, when I looked at this book with her, "Looking at dolphins now is not as fun as it was five minutes ago."

The focus is also only on three species. Spotted dolphins. Common dolphins. And bottlenose dolphins. And that's it. I was sad that other dolphins weren't included in this book for variety. Like the Chinese white dolphin, or the Amazon (pink) river dolphin, black dolphins, etc.

This is cute and I'm glad I own it, but I would never buy it for full price.

3 out of 5 stars.